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Juniper’s AI-Enabled Campus is a comprehensive reference architecture that allows colleges, universities, and research institutions to build secure, high-performance digital learning and research networks.

To minimize complexity and cost, the network must be able to focus on the experience of the end user first. AI and machine learning must be infused from the access edge as well as to switches, routers, data center, and security devices. Juniper is the leader in providing a cloud-enabled, end-to-end AI and machine learning engine focused on delivering the best user experience.

Research and Education Networks

Research & EJuniper Research and Educationducation (R&E) Networks facilitate massive collaboration as they connect universities and laboratories to one another and to cloud services and testbeds. Juniper is the equipment vendor of choice for R&E Networks around the world. Our equipment is built around custom ASICs and robust, carrier-proven software to meet the needs of data-intensive science applications without compromising performance or security. We take care of the complexities behind the scenes so researchers can focus on outcomes rather than network operations.

Higher Education

Juniper Higher EducationHigher education institutions are complex enterprises with a diverse set of stakeholders including students, faculty, staff, alumni, industry, and community partners, among others. These institutions have academic, research, business, and philanthropic objectives that require a robust, scalable, and resilient network infrastructure.

Higher education institutions are investing in technology to address many common challenges:

  • Digitalization and modernization of campus operations
  • Providing quality in-person, online, and hybrid education and research experiences
  • Diversity and equality across staff, faculty, and student populations
  • Improvement of health and well-being for students, faculty, and staff

Go beyond the network by giving your students, faculty, and staff the best in-person and online experiences imaginable.


Juniper K-12Schools must be ready to seamlessly deliver digital learning across traditional, remote, or hybrid instructional models while protecting against ever-evolving cybersecurity threats and keeping students healthy and safe.

Juniper Networks, driven by Mist AI, help schools on all these fronts with a network ideally suited for all education environments, including faster and more reliable broadband and Wi-Fi connections, more effective cyber threat protection, and value-add services such as asset location. Whether managing an entire district or a single school, Juniper optimizes the learning process with streamlined operations, simplified troubleshooting, and self-driving operations that let you focus on the children instead of the network.

The Solutions

AI-Driven SD-WAN

Enrich user experiences across the WAN with insight, automation, and action.

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Simplifying the transition from operations to outcomes, so you can improve your network and the experiences of the people it connects.

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Wired Access

Recognized as a leader in wired access with a wide array of hardware platforms operated via the cloud and Mist AI, it is easy to setup and manage network fabrics, apply robust policies, cost effectively scale, and troubleshoot “needle in haystack” problems like misconfigured VLANs and bad cables.

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Wireless Access

Deliver real-time insights into exactly what users and devices are experiencing at the moment and automate corrective action for network self-tuning that identifies and fixes problems before they can negatively impact user sessions.
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Secure Edge

Juniper Secure Edge provides Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS) in a single-stack software architecture featuring application control, intrusion prevention system (IPS), anti-malware, web proxy and filtering, and advanced threat protection. Now you can seamlessly secure your remote workforce with consistent security policies that follow users wherever they go.

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Representative Contact:
     Mike Newcomb
     Lead – Juniper Enterprise Vertical
         Business Development Team