The Carpentries Foundation Membership

The GPN Carpentry Mentoring group meets the second Monday of each month where Carpentry teachers shares what they’ve learned about teaching, tips, tricks, and gotchas.  Email to be added to the email list and calendar invite.

The Great Plains Network has a Silver Membership in The Carpentries.  From their website:  The Carpentries teach foundational coding, and data science skills to researchers worldwide. Software Carpentry, Data Carpentry, and Library Carpentry workshops are based on their lessons. 

The Carpentries teaches instructors how to teach coding.  Instructors educate researchers on various scientific software enabling discovery.  Some lessons taught include bash shell, git, R, and Python.

As part of GPN’s membership, the Carpentries trains ten instructors from our region each year.  We strive to cover all of our member institutions with Carpentries certified instructors.

Some of our members have their own Carpentries memberships:
University of Arkansas
University of Oklahoma
University of Minnesota (Libraries)
University of Wisconsin