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Nebraska Hiring Regional Network Engineer

January 27, 2020

Job Posting

Job Description: Incumbent will be responsible for ensuring continuous availability of the University of Nebraska inter-campus networks, Network Nebraska, connectivity with state, regional, national networks, and the Internet. Including the design, implementation, and management of switches, routers, optical network equipment, network appliances, and network management solutions. Monitor, analyze, and ensure network performance, capacity, and uptime meet university service level agreements within a 24×7 operation. Troubleshoot complex problems, individually, with other members of the team, and with third-parties. Requires regular interaction with other networking, systems, and telecom professionals in the design and delivery of services; and with end-users to provide direct support.

Due Date:  February 7, 2020

TrustedCI Cybersecurity Transition to Practice (TTP) Program

January 22, 2020

From TrustedCI

The goal of Trusted CI’s Cybersecurity Transition to Practice (TTP) program is to enable collaboration among researchers and practitioners to accelerate the adoption of cybersecurity research into real-world practice in scientific research, academia, industry, government, or open source. The problem historically has been that there are great cybersecurity solutions that real-world practitioners may never hear about. By bringing people together, TTP seeks to help with the technology transfer that translates research into solutions.

University of Oklahoma Hiring Four Positions

January 21, 2020

Join the Sooner Family!

The School of Computer Science in the Gallogly College of
Engineering at the University of Oklahoma is seeking
applications for four tenured/tenure-track faculty positions
with demonstrated research skills in one or more areas of
artificial intelligence/machine learning, cybersecurity, and
high-performance computing (HPC).

We have the following open positions:

1) Cybersecurity
Professor/Associate Director

Special interest in embedded systems software at the level
of associate or full professor, located at the Schusterman
Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

2) Cybersecurity
Assistant Professor

Special interest in embedded systems software, located at
the Norman campus.

3) High-Performance Computing
Associate or Full Professor,

Emphasis in meteorological applications, such as, numerical
modeling of weather and climate, located at the Norman campus.

This is a joint position with the School of Meteorology.

4) Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
Assistant professor

Located at the Norman campus.