As a consortium, GPN provides communal support for issues affecting members from the level of the individual institution to the state networks and onto regional and national concerns. GPN’s solutions are both practical and inclusive of their member institutions.


In addition to the GigaPoP connection to Internet2, GPN advances research initiatives through unified diversity, wherein the goals and interests of the consortium are met while accommodating the varying perspectives, needs, and circumstances of each individual member, resolving each collective quandary more effectively.


Connecting through GPN is more economical than maintaining a single direct connection. However, GPN is not just a line item in the budget. It is an invaluable investment into the institution’s research and education initiatives while reinforcing the advanced cyberinfrastructure of the region.


The purpose of the GPN CI Program Committee is to 1) assure a robust and informed CI community across the GPN region, 2) develop joint projects for the benefit of the GPN research community, 3) make recommendations for shared research infrastructure improvements to the GPN Executive Council.

Professional Development Opportunities

GPN is devoted to bringing high quality webinars to our members. Right now we have one series of webinars called ENCITE.

The ENCITE webinar series introduces networking professions to new developments in networking and security technology.  See Events for our upcoming ENCITE webinars. Free registration required.

The webinars are recorded. Viewing the recordings also requires free registration. Our past webinars are on the Webinar Archive page. We have ENCITE, DataFOUR, and Proposal Preparation webinars there.

Disaster Assistance 

The Great Plains Network maintains high performance network connections to over 22 regular university members in six states, and is connected to various national and regional networks. This robust network infrastructure relationship and strong collaboration ties among member states and institutions provides an ideal foundation to assist each other in an Information Technology (IT) related disaster.

The purpose of this service is to develop a group of GPN affiliated entities that are willing and able to provide Information Technology assistance to other program participants in the event of a localized IT related disaster or emergency.

Requests may include provisions for the furnishing and exchanging of Data Center rack space, equipment, facilities, personnel, services and other related needs to help return IT services to an adequate level of service during a natural or human-made disaster and/or other emergency.

While it is understood that a participating institution may be experiencing a situation that prevents it from being able to offer the full measure of assistance to other participants at any given point in time, it is an expectation that participating institutions agree to strive toward providing a minimum level of support as documented in this agreement.

GPN’s role is to serve as a repository for the signed agreements, publicize the service and facilitate communication during an event.

Disaster Recovery Opt-in Agreement