Staff & Institutional Representatives

GPN Staff

James Deaton
Executive Director
Kate Adams
Cyberinfrastructure Technologist

Institutional Representatives

An Institutional Representative is appointed by each GPN regular and affiliate member organization.  These individuals understand the technical needs of the member.  In addition to helping to elect the GPN Executive Council member from their state, Institutional Representatives members help to:

  • Provide an effective two-way communication link between GPN and appropriate administrators, faculty, and staff at your institution on matters of program development, services, business and operational matters, faculty development, potential grant or contract opportunities, GPN membership.
  • Serve as the focal point for rapid response to GPN requests for institutional participation in proposal development, writing and/or applications.
  • Assure that faculty and staff are aware of opportunities to participate in training, professional development and research efforts offered by GPN.
  • Ensure that their member organization is linked effectively to the GPN web site and all information available is accurate and up to date.
  • Promote and enhance the adoption of advanced networking and advanced computing technology at their institution.
  • Market the GPN consortium and provide increased accessibility through leadership, guidance, and communication.
  • Help seek potential partnerships and collaborations that might strengthen GPN’s relationship with their institution and others in their state.

The GPN Institutional Representatives meet by teleconference on the fourth Wednesday of every month.