CC* Team: Great Plains Regional CyberTeam was awarded by the National Science Foundation. (Award #1925681,

The Regional CyberTeam coordinated via the Great Plains Network will support and advance computational and data-intensive research across the region through the development of a mentor and mentee program. This sharing of information is an efficient way to complete the project’s objectives:


  1.  Improve campus awareness and adoption of advanced cyberinfrastructure.
  2.  Increase the number of campus research computing and data professionals at mentored institutions, especially for institutions with small IT staffs.
  3.  Increase existing cyberinfrastructure capabilities.
  4. Increase the reproducibility of science.
  5. Produce best  these methods can be implemented elsewhere.


The CyberTeam is cross-institutional. An experienced staff member (mentor) at one university is paired with eager learners (mentees) at another university.  The mentor will be a full-time staff member, but the mentees can be full-time staff or student workers interested in cyberinfrastructure training. 

Press releases:

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