This page serves as a repository for the GPN perfsonar mesh.  The GPN mesh is located at: 

If you’d like to join our mesh, please fill out the form.

To add your node to the mesh run this command on your node: 
psconfig remote add --configure-archives
Here is the command for visual output of the testing load on your node. 
This shows how busy it is: 
pscheduler plot-schedule PT24H > filename.png

Policies and guidelines:

  1.  The current best practice is three throughput tests a day.  It takes three consecutive tests for a square in the mesh to turn green.  Three tests a day means a transient problem will not show up for more than 24 hours.
  2. If the throughput tests are causing hardships for your network, it is acceptable to set your limits file to once a day.


  • Perfsonar testing conflicts with E-sports, causing latency problems.
  • Testing frequency is the biggest problem.
  • Occasionally perfsonar testing will cause problems with zoom.
  • Perfsonar does not report its own latency testing, creating a problem of who watches the watcher.

Example limits file