Network Program

The purpose of the GPN Network Program is to provide networking services to members that wish to participate. The GPN Network Program Committee (NPC) is the managing entity of the GPN Network Program, operating with delegated authority from the GPN Executive Council.


perfSONAR policies and Guidelines

See this page for instructions on joining the GPN mesh

GPN Network Program Committee Members

  • Natasha Angell, Executive Director, MOREnet
  • Bradley Hook, Interim Executive Director, KanREN, Inc.
  • Louis Hammond, University of Minnesota
  • Elon Turner, ARE-ON
  • Andrew Buker, University of Nebraska at Lincoln
  • Paul Kern, South Dakota Board of Regents
  • Kyle Gruhn, University of South Dakota
  • Mickey Slimp, Executive Director of GPN

Network Technical Advisory Committee

The GPN Network Technical Advisory Committee (NTAC) is responsible for the overall design and operational guidelines of the network.

  • Shannon Spurling, Missouri – Chair
  • Bobby Clark, Arkansas
  • Sky Pettett, OneNet
  • Steve Schallehn, Iowa State University
  • Walter Aude, University of Nebraska
  • David Farmer, University of Minnesota
  • Hank Niederhelm, Missouri
  • Tom Boshardy, WiscNet
  • Jeff Sorrels, KanREN
  • Kate Adams, GPN

GPN BGP Community Strings

Communities Advertised to Member (egress from GPN)

    • 130-159 are used for upstream or lateral networks (I2, ESNet, WRN, etc)
      • Leaving enough room for I2 to grow parts of their operation; much like planning numbered ACL entries
    • 160-189 are used for GPN member identification
  • 190-199 are used for cache or server identification (reserved for future needs)
  • 11317:130 = Learned from Internet2 R&E
  • 11317:135 = Learned from Internet2 LCHONE (?)
  • 11317:140 = Learned from Internet2 TR-CPS
  • 11317:145 = Learned from ESNet
  • 11317:160 = Learned from GPN Member

Communities Allowed from GPN Members (ingress to GPN)

  • Control local preference within GPN route tables
  • 11317:90 (local pref std-10) = Set local pref to 90 (below default)
  • 11317:100 (reset to standard) = Set local pref to 100 (default)
  • 11317:110 (local pref std+10) = Set local pref to 110 (above default)
  • 65535:666 = Blackhole (I2 R&E exact match, RFC7999 match)

Note: Blackhole matches IPv4 prefixes of /24 to /32

Blackhole matches IPv6 prefixes of /64 to /128

Following are used to control propagation to peered networks

  • 65000:<ASN> = Do not advertise to ASN
  • 65001:<ASN> = Prepend once to ASN
  • 65002:<ASN> = Prepend twice to ASN
  • 65003:<ASN> = Prepend thrice to ASN
  • (obviously must be a direct peer of GPN)

Following are used to control propagation to content caches:

  • 11317:65000 = Do not advertise to any Netflix caches
  • 11317:65001 = Do no advertise to <example; Google Cache?>
  • 11317:6500[1-9] = Others

Potential Netflix Strings

  • 11317:65101 = Do not advertise to KC Netflix cache
  • 11317:65102 = Set metric 50 to KC Netflix cache
  • 11317:65103 = Do not advertise to Tulsa(?) Netflix cache
  • 11317:65104 = Set metric 50 to Tulsa Netflix cache

NTAC Minutes

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