Network Program

The purpose of the GPN Network Program is to provide networking services to members that wish to participate. The GPN Network Program Committee (NPC) is the managing entity of the GPN Network Program, operating with delegated authority from the GPN Executive Council.


GPN Network Program Committee Members

  • Gary Allen, University of Missouri System
  • Cort Buffington, Executive Director, KanREN, Inc.
  • James Deaton, OneNet
  • John Grosen, University of Minnesota
  • David Merrifield, ARE-ON
  • Michael Ruhrdanz, University of Nebraska at Lincoln
  • Bill Mitchell, Executive Director of GPN (Chair)

Network Technical Advisory Committee

The GPN Network Technical Advisory Committee (NTAC) is responsible for the overall design and operational guidelines of the network.

  • David Merrifield, Arkansas
  • Brad Fleming, Kansas
  • Bill Mitchell, GPN
  • Kent Christensen, Nebraska, Chair
  • James Deaton, Oklahoma
  • Steve Schallehn, Iowa State University
  • David Farmer, University of Minnesota
  • Hank Niederhelm, Missouri
  • Cort Buffington, Kansas
  • Jim Hlava, Nebraska
  • PJ Clayton, Missouri
  • Shannon Spurling, Missouri
  • Tom Boshardy, WiscNet
  • Kate Adams, GPN
  • Greg Monaco, GPN

NTAC Minutes

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