About the Great Plains Network

About GPN

The Great Plains Network (GPN) is a non-profit consortium aggregating networks through GigaPoP connections while advocating research on behalf of universities and community innovators across the Midwest and Great Plains who seek collaboration, cyberinfrastructure and support for big data and big ideas, at the speed of the modern Internet.

Our Vision

To connect and cultivate the region’s research and education professionals, institutions and universities, resulting in more productive and successful collaborations.

A Cost Effective Connection to Internet2

Connecting through GPN is more economical than maintaining a singular, direct connection. However, GPN is not just a line item in the budget. It is an invaluable investment into the institution’s research and education initiatives while reinforcing the advanced cyberinfrastructure of the region.

Our History

GPN was among the first GigaPoP connections in the country for Internet2 and has remained diligent in its mission to advocate research and the missions of its member institutions over the course of its 30 year history.


In addition to the GigaPoP connection to Internet2, GPN advances research initiatives through unified diversity, wherein the goals and interests of the consortium are met while accommodating the varying perspectives, needs, and circumstances of each individual member, resolving each collective quandary more effectively.


As a consortium, GPN provides communal support for issues affecting members from the level of the individual institution to the state networks and onto regional and national concerns. GPN’s solutions are both practical and inclusive of their member institutions.


GPN is not just a GigaPoP Internet2 connection. GPN represents a community of researchers, educators, and innovators across the region. With GPN’s ongoing efforts, institutions small and large work together to achieve greater success than they can accomplish individually.