Virtual Residency 2019 Summer Workshop on INTRODUCTORY/INTERMEDIATE Research Computing Facilitation

May 16, 2019

Sun June 2 (suppertime) – Fri June 7 (before supper) 2019
U Oklahoma Norman campus

LIVE onsite ***OR*** LIVE remotely via videoconferencing!


Contact: Henry Neeman (

Workshop webpage:

There’s NO PREREQUISITE other than an interest in helping researchers with their computing-intensive/data-intensive research.

A TENTATIVE AGENDA IS BELOW (which is likely to evolve some).

Please feel free to forward this to anyone who may be interested and appropriate.

If you’ve already registered, please feel free to share this with others.


Does your institution have lots of researchers and educators who
want to use advanced computing, but need some help learning how?

You or someone at your institution can learn to be more effective
at helping researchers and educators use research computing!

For people who help researchers to use research computing, it’s such a great way to get better at it, and for new people, it’s such a great way to learn how to do it!

And, everyone who participates becomes part of a community of research computing facilitators, already over 500 people — plenty of colleagues to get help from, when someone’s stumped on how to help their researchers.

This is a great way to start, or get better at, a career in helping researchers use research computing.

It’s also a great way to meet a community of fellow research computing facilitators.

People can participate onsite in person or remotely via videoconferencing — so if funding is an issue, it can COST NOTHING AT ALL!

(Heck, people can even have it on in the background while they’re doing other things — it’s still very useful to participate, even if intermittently.)

Anyone we can’t accept for onsite will automatically be converted to remote — no one will be left out!

We’ll have *some* funding to help *some* onsite participants cover some or all of their costs, but that funding may be limited.

(Still, it’s better to request support and then *maybe* not get it, than not request it and then *definitely* not get it.)

You *DON’T* have to any affiliation with the Clemson-led ACI-REF/CaRCC effort, in order to participate in the 2019 Virtual Residency workshop — though of course everyone in those groups are welcome to apply!