Trusted CI Accepting Engagement Applications for Early 2019

August 29, 2018

As the NSF Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, Trusted CI’s mission is to provide the NSF community a coherent understanding of cybersecurity’s role in producing trustworthy science and the information and know-how required to achieve and maintain effective cybersecurity programs.

Trusted CI is accepting applications for one-on-one engagements to be executed in January – June 2019.  Applications are due October 1, 2018. (Slots are limited and in demand, so this is a hard deadline!)

To learn more about the process and criteria, and to complete the application form, visit their site:

(The rest of this is taken from their website.)

To manage scheduling and learn about prospective engagees, they have instituted an engagement application process that is described on this page and also in a recorded webinar video.

Expected Number and Types of Engagements

Topics for engagements include anything broadly in the scope of information security and can include development of new cybersecurity programs, assessing existing cybersecurity programs, software assurance, identity management, recommendations on new software features. Examples of prior engagements can be found on their blog.

All engagements are contingent on Trusted CI having the available effort and expertise given necessary deadlines and other commitments. Trusted CI personnel have specific areas of expertise and the degree of overlap in required skills by simultaneous engagements will impact what Trusted CI can undertake.

For the upcoming application period of January-June 2018, Trusted CI expects to accept 3 applications, with one (at most) in the area of software security and one in the area of identity management. Based on prior application periods, they expect to accept less than half of the applications