Please take Survey: Campus Research Computing (CaRC) Consortium

May 11, 2017

This is an open letter from Jim Bottum, Tom Cheatham, and Gail Krovitz on behalf of the Campus Research Computing (CaRC) Consortium.

Campus research computing is of increasing importance in U.S. and
international universities. We are launching the Campus Research
Computing (CaRC) Consortium (with support from the National Science Foundation) in order to advance the frontiers of research at
academic institutions. We are seeking your input to help shape the
strategy and operations of this Consortium by clicking this link to
participate in a stakeholder alignment survey:

Your participation in this survey is voluntary and all individual
responses will be kept confidential, without any identifying
information. We look forward to your participation in the survey.

The CaRC Consortium is dedicated to extending and enhancing the
reach and impact of campus and national research computing
infrastructure. The Consortium will explore and develop effective
strategies and leading practices so that researchers can more effectively use advanced research cyberinfrastructure at the campus, regional, national, and international levels. The Consortium is also committed to supporting the individuals (“Facilitators” and other roles) who help researchers to better utilize large-scale, advanced computing resources. Thanks for your participation.


Jim Bottum, NSF Project PI
Tom Cheatham, Interim CaRC Council Chair
Gail Krovitz, CaRC Program Manager