OSU Data Bytes Workshop Wednesdays

September 24, 2020

OSU Data Bytes Workshops Wednesdays 3-4pm starting Sep 30


The OSU Library will be hosting “Data Bytes” workshops this
fall for students and faculty, who want to become familiar
with software tools and processes for improving their research.

Workshops will be offered virtually each Wednesday afternoon

The first, “Using Open Science Framework for Project Management”
is scheduled for September 30th and will be taught by Clarke
Iakovakis, Scholarly Services Librarian.

Workshop Description – Open Science Framework (OSF) is a free
web application developed to help researchers of all
disciplines (not just science) manage their workflows.

OSF provides a highly customizable user interface, allowing
users to create modules for housing data, research materials,
communication, analysis files, and anything else they need to
keep the ability to upload any file type under 5GB, with
automatic, built-in version control for all files integration
with tools researchers already use, such as Dropbox,
Google Drive, and GitHub the means to add contributors with
various levels of read/write permissions.

A full schedule of Data Bytes workshops scheduled for this
fall can be found at: