ORCID – Persistent Digital Research Identifiers

September 10, 2015

GWLA (Greater Western Library Alliance) has negotiated a deal with ORCID for reduced price annual subscriptions for persistent digital identifiers for researchers. The original price for the PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION or 5 API implementations is $8K/Year. The basic subscription for a 1 API implementation is $5K/Year. The price GWLA has for the premium package is $4K/year and this may decrease even further.

Thus far, KU, Iowa State, OU and OSU, U Missouri-Columbia are involved through GWLA along with 25 or so more of GWLAs members. Since GWLA has a consortial license, additional participants reduce the costs for everyone involved. GWLA is extending their purchasing power to GPN members.

You can read more about ORCID at the ORCID website (orcid.org). There is information attached to this post about this program through GWLA for GPN members.

If you are have specific questions or are interested in pursuing a reduced price subscription with GWLA, please let me know (greg@greatplains.net)

You can also learn about ORCID from the following video: https://vimeo.com/97150912