MOREnet Seeks Security Analyst

January 28, 2021

This is a professional IT position that provides Internet security services to MOREnet customers (More than 730 members, including K-12 School Districts, Higher Education Institutions, Public Libraries, State/City/County Government, non-profits, and other public sector institutions) within the State of Missouri. Services are provided over the phone, using remote access, in person at the member location, and in the form of training and presentations for small user groups, conferences and webinars.

Planning & Coordination
– Research, design, write, and maintain policies, procedures, and best practices pertaining to network and data security issues.
– Analyze business requirements regarding network security protocols and incident response and assist technical staff with the integration of these requirements into system design and operations.
– Perform security risk assessment for customer computing and networking systems.
– Evaluate legislation, regulations, and industry practices and provide technical and project leadership to other IT staffs.
– Investigate and identify solutions to network security compromises; work with area experts to select and coordinate the implementation and support of appropriate network security preventive measures. 
– Maintain current and informed awareness of network security compromises, their means of entry, effects on systems, and means of prevention.  Prepare user notices of same.
– Coordinate team efforts for special projects concerning network security, includes testing and implementation of network security software enhancements.

Incident Response
– Recommend policies and procedures for appropriate network security incident response.
– May perform incident response planning.
– Execute incident response plans should compromise or breech occur.
– Coordinate the handling and resolution of network security incidents, recoveries, breaches, intrusions, and/or system abuses.  Identify, investigate and source security violations.  Implement appropriate action to stop the violation and prevent future occurrence.  Report violations to appropriate authorities. Act as a point of contact for external law enforcement entities.
– Develop network security awareness programs.
– Develop, facilitate and present network security training.
– Provide network security consulting services.
– Provide training and advice in correct methods and procedures for technical support staff.
– Prepare and distribute network security notices of protocol updates, changes in policies, procedures, or best practices.
Supplemental Functions
– Maintains a broad knowledge of state-of-the-art technology, equipment, and/or practices.
– May be required to perform other duties requiring less or similar skills and knowledge as business needs require.


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