Job: UNL Holland Computing Center Seeks System Administrator

August 3, 2017


Holland Computing Center in Lincoln, NE

The Holland Computing Center (HCC) is a large advanced computing facility supporting the University of Nebraska (NU) system.

This position is responsible for:

  • contributing to a broad mission of HCC, promoting the use of high performance cyberinfrastructure and supporting a wide variety of research projects.
  • maintaining core IT, webserver, and database infrastructure for the Nebraska Food for Health Center (NFHC) and to develop infrastructure for integrating data and transferring securely to HCC core resources.
  • developing IT infrastructure that implements a secure RedCap web application for clinical data with survey instruments for acquisition of personalized data from human subjects, and developing infrastructure for uniting de-identified survey data with multi-omics data and other clinical measurements for analysis on HCC systems.
  • Routine IT work that may also include, but is not limited to
    • administering LDAP and group Content Management System (CMS),
    • providing resolution to NFHC PIs and NFHC staff for user issues,
    • supporting and maintaining user authentication mechanisms, and
    • working with HCC staff to maintain systems security integrity.
  • Position will be expected to keep current with industry security announcements and to coordinate with NFHC and other HCC staff to appropriately respond to maintain system security and availability.

Various tasks including the following will be required:

  • developing and implementing survey instruments through RedCap web application,
  • developing and/or implementing pipelines for merging de-identified survey data with omics and clinical data sets and integrating with HCC,
  • maintaining and upgrading hardware, operating systems, and related aspects (networking, storage, computing) of various systems;
  • performing backups;
  • managing user accounts;
  • installing new software (commercial and public domain);
  • maintaining system security;
  • monitoring system usage;
  • evaluating, recommending and/or negotiating specific hardware purchases.

HCC systems are integrated with national computational grids; installation and maintenance of grid protocol software may become necessary.

Criminal background check will be conducted. Excellent benefits including staff/dependent scholarship program.  Applicant review begins August 31. View requisition S_170383 at for details and to apply. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) does not discriminate based upon any protected status. Please see