More Information about the Center for Open Science $1000 Preregistration Challenge

June 21, 2017

See the links below for a list of specific journals to publish your research in for the preregistration challenge. The journals are at the end.

The Center for Open Science’s Preregistration Challenge is both a competition and an educational campaign. Preregistration is the process of specifying key study and analysis details and decisions before conducting your experiment. While preregistration is required in human subjects clinical trials research, it is a fairly new concept in other disciplines. To encourage researchers to try this new process, COS is giving away $1,000 to 1,000 researchers who preregister their research on the OSF and get that research published in an eligible journal (see the link on the left side of the page).

So far COS has made graphics for Life Sciences, Social-Personality Psychology, Cognitive Science, and Ecology and Evolution. Each of these materials also lists the eligible journals specific to that discipline.

Cognitive Science

Ecology and Evolution

Life Sciences

Social Personality and Psychology