GPN Annual Meeting 2019 Wrapup

May 30, 2019

Special thanks to Jeremy Evert of Southwestern Oklahoma State University for his notes about the meeting.

The meeting kicked off Tuesday afternoon with an EPOC Deep Dive workshop. Jason Zurawski and Jennifer Schopf talked with Stephen Welsh, an agronomy researcher from Kansas State University, about his research. The audience asked Stephen about his research and shared some ideas about image processing.

Notes from Jeremy: EPOC is part of the CC* program and supports end to end data science. They want to support collaborative science.

Another workshop wasOSG/Kubernetes. The link to the slides and instructions are on our Annual Meeting Archives page.

Notes from Jeremy: Value of integration: OSG to integrate all university clusters in the country. This would give us the means to strike a collaborative deal anywhere in the country and do this with policies that are locally defined.