Doane University (Crete, NE) Seeks HPC Specialist and Director of the Doane Center for Computing in the Liberal Arts (CCLA)

January 10, 2020

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Doane University invites applications for the position of HPC Specialist and Director of the Doane Center for Computing in the Liberal Arts (CCLA), at its undergraduate campus in Crete, Nebraska. The position will be responsible for enabling both existing and emerging high performance computing solutions, and to advance research computing initiatives through direct technical support and training of Doane faculty and students. In addition, this position will manage the Doane Center for Computing in the Liberal Arts (CCLA). The CCLA provides training and support for faculty and students across the entire College of Arts and Sciences who wish to use computing in their classes or research projects. The CCLA manager is responsible for recruiting and training student workers. The position will report to a faculty member in the Science division.

Job Responsibilities

Customer support: Provide a high degree of technical support and professionalism to Doane faculty and students. This includes, but is not limited to, helping faculty or students design, implement, and / or debug research project code, suggesting areas of optimization in code or submission procedures to successfully meet high performance computing goals, and helping students or faculty identify situations where HPC resources could facilitate better research at Doane.

Operations: Plan and perform maintenance on Doane’s existing HPC research and educational clusters. This includes, but is not limited to, installing necessary software packages, libraries, or applications. Will assist Doane Information Technology Services (ITS) with planning and implementing infrastructure for storing, accessing, and transferring large data sets.


CCLA: The CCLA is responsible for the creation, organization, presentation, and delivery of training materials for new and highly experienced student and faculty users, both within the sciences and in other disciplines. The CCLA provides outreach to create awareness for faculty and students in all disciplines about how computing can be applied in their courses and research activities. The CCLA manager is responsible for the overall operation of the center, including the recruiting, hiring, and training of student workers who will assist in fulfilling the mission of the CCLA. The CCLA manager will also assist faculty in the preparation and presentation of various coding / computing workshops. Therefore, the CCLA director must have the ability to interact with faculty, staff, and students in a professional and engaging manner.

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in a science, engineering, or discipline requiring strong analytical and computational skills and at least three years experience working on computational research projects using HPC resources. One year experience in HPC user support, training, and outreach.

Preferred Qualifications

Master’s in Computer Science, Engineering, or related computationally intensive discipline and at least five years of experience working on computational research projects using HPC resources. One year experience in HPC user support, training, and outreach.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Excellent verbal and written communications skills. Knowledge of high performance computing systems; scalable, parallel architectures; and basic aspects of the UNIX operating system. Knowledge of advanced data storage technologies and high-speed network interfaces. Ability to monitor system usage and performance statistics and to understand the impacts of operating system tuning parameters. Working knowledge of one or more high-level programming languages such as C, C++, or Java. Expert knowledge of one or more scripting languages such as csh, Bash, perl, Python, etc. A comprehensive knowledge of Linux operating system internals and multiple high performance computing architectures. Knowledge of advanced problem resolution procedures, testing and evaluation methods, and programming tools

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