2017 Linux Cluster Institute (LCI) Announcement

January 26, 2017

Announcing 2017 Linux CIuster Institute (LCI) Workshops

For the first time, LCI is offering trainings for HPC administrators at two different levels: Introductory AND Intermediate!

Introductory Workshop
May 22-26, 2017
University of Wyoming (in collaboration with University Corporation for Atmospheric Research)
Laramie, WY
More information: http://www.linuxclustersinstitute.org/workshops/may2017/
Register: http://www.linuxclustersinstitute.org/workshops/may2017/register.php

If you are a Linux system administrator new to HPC, this is the workshop for you! In just five days you will:

  • Learn HPC system administration concepts and technologies and how to apply them
  • Get hands-on skills building a small test cluster in lab sessions
  • Hear real-life stories and get to ask experts questions in panel discussions

Intermediate Workshop
August 14-18, 2017
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA
More information: http://www.linuxclustersinstitute.org/workshops/aug2017/
Register: http://www.linuxclustersinstitute.org/workshops/aug2017/register.php

If you have some experience as an HPC system administrator and want to expand your skills, this is the workshop for you! In just five days you will:

  • Strengthen your overall knowledge of HPC system administration
  • Focus in depth on file systems and storage, HPC networks, and job schedulers
  • Get hands-on training and discuss real-life stories with experienced HPC administrators
  • Those who have attended an Introductory LCI workshop in the past are especially encouraged to attend!

Contact Leslie Froeschl at lfroesh at illinois.edu with any questions!