Virtual Residency Summer Workshop on “How to Be a More Effective Research Computing Facilitator”

June 26, 2017

Free online and in person workshop.

Sun July 30 (dinnertime) – Fri Aug 4 (dinnertime) 2017

LIVE onsite in person
LIVE remotely via videoconferencing!

Seats are going fast!

  • Onsite: only 1 of 50 seats left
  • Remote: many connections left, thanks to a license donation!


Please feel free to forward this to anyone who may be interested and appropriate.

Does your institution have lots of researchers and educators who want to use advanced computing, but need some help learning how?

You or someone at your institution can learn to be more effective at helping researchers and educators use Research Cyberinfrastructure (CI)!

128 research computing facilitators from 84 institutions in 37 US states and territories and 3 other countries have already participated in the workshops, and over 100 have participated in our twice-monthly calls.

Clarifying, since this question has come up in the past: You *DON’T* have to any affiliation with the Clemson-led ACI-REF/CaRC effort, in order to participate in the 2017 Virtual Residency — though of course anyone in that group is welcome to

The workshop will begin Sunday evening with a a welcome/introductory session.

We’ll then run all day each day for the full week, finishing Saturday before lunch.

(This year, we *MAY* decide to end Friday at dinnertime instead.)

Workshop participants will be expected to give a brief presentation (5 minutes) on a project that they intend to carry out at their home institution after the workshop ends. (This includes remote participants.)

Workshop participants will also be expected to commit to participate in the following:

  • a Virtual Residency conference call of one hour roughly every other week during the regular academic year, for the next two academic years;
  • the Virtual Residency mailing list;
  • a second summer workshop, in the subsequent year.

Below is the agenda from the 2016 workshop, to give a sense of the kinds of things we plan to cover in 2017 (which will be similar but not identical):

What we did in 2016 on SUNDAY
— Overview of the ACI-REF Virtual Residency
— Introduction to Research Cyberinfrastructure Facilitation
— How to Give a CI Tour, and Why

What we did in 2016 on MONDAY
— Effective Communication: How to Talk to Researchers about Their Research
— Deploying Community Codes
— Debugging, Benchmarking and Tuning
— Real Users and Their CDS&E Research
— Faculty: Tenure, Promotion, Reward System

What we did in 2016 on TUESDAY
— Grant Proposal Basics
— Exploring the Faculty Entrepreneurial Mindset
— How to Do an Intake Interview
— “Speed Dating” — Practicing the Intake Interview
— Best Practices and Lessons Learned from the
— ACI-REF Phase 1 Project and Network
— Panel: Ongoing Assistance of Researchers

What we did in 2016 on WEDNESDAY
— The CI Milieu
— Creating and Evaluating Training Workshops
— Panel: Creating Effective CI Documentation and Other Learning Materials

What we did in 2016 on THURSDAY
— The Shifting Landscape of CI Funding Opportunities
— How to Design a Cluster
— Cyberinfrastructure User Support
— Real Users and Their CDS&E Research
— “Speed Dating” — Practicing the Intake Interview

What we did in 2016 on FRIDAY
— So You Want to Write a Cyberinfrastructure Proposal
— Panel: Research Data Management
— Roundtable: Stories from the Trenches
— Project work time
— Project presentations

What we did in 2016 on SATURDAY
— Project presentations