Mid-scale Research Infrastructure-2 (Mid-scale RI-2)

December 13, 2018

More info:  https://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2019/nsf19542/nsf19542.htm

The NSF Mid-scale Research Infrastructure-2 Program (Mid-scale RI-2) supports implementation of projects that comprise any combination of equipment, instrumentation, computational hardware and software, and the necessary commissioning and human capital in support of implementation of the same.

Examples of projects that may be supported by Mid-scale RI-2 include, but are not limited to, upgrades and new major instruments or cyberinfrastructure for existing major infrastructure, infrastructure that supports targeted high-priority experiments, and major shared community infrastructure and resources as may be required to enable community-scale research.

Letter of Intent Due Date (required): February 08, 2019

Preliminary Proposal Due Date (required): March 11, 2019

Full Proposal Deadline:  August 02, 2019