Looking for Host Sites for Linux Cluster Institute Workshop 2017

September 21, 2016

The Linux Cluster Institute is seeking host sites for introductory and intermediate LCI workshops in 2017. We teach how to be a Linux HPC cluster system administrator. Workshops will run Monday-Friday.

Would your institution be interested in submitting a host site application?

The deadline to apply is Mon Oct 10 2016!

Here’s what LCI workshop attendees get from attending:

  • learn HPC system administration concepts and technologies and how to apply them;
  • get hands-on skills building a small test cluster in lab sessions;
  • hear real-life stories and get to ask experts questions in panel discussions.

Host sites are responsible for:

  • arranging workshop spaces, meal spaces, lodging, etc.;
  • co-leading the planning of the event (as part of the workshop organizing committee);
  • helping us to publicize the workshop;
  • coordinating with instructors and other workshop personnel (many of whom will be from other institutions);
  • conducting the workshop onsite;
  • providing lightweight reporting about the workshop back to the LCI.

Hosting an LCI workshop is a rewarding experience and allows you to bring affordable instruction on how to be an HPC cluster sysadmin to your local area.

If you are interested in hosting a 2017 LCI workshop, please complete the following form by Monday October 10, 2016:


We will follow up with potential hosts soon with a second, more detailed application form, to help determine whether
your site is appropriate for an LCI workshop.

The most recent LCI workshop was hosted by UOklahoma in 2015.