Research Advisory Board

GPN is the result of a large-scale collaboration among institutions in seven states to create a high performance network in support of research and education. As a result of that collaboration, GPN is dedicated to facilitating additional large-scale, multi-institutional collaborations.


The purpose of the GPN Research Advisory Board is to communicate with chief research officers at member institutions to

  • Inform them of opportunities to leverage investments in advanced cyberinfrastructure for research,
  • Keep the GPN community informed of campus, state and regional research initiatives, 
  • Increase the number, scope of participation and quality of large-scale, multi-institution research collaborations, grant proposals and funding to GPN member universities, 
  • Form strategic partnerships with other organizations that support domain expertise.


As needed, the GPN director for research will consult with members of the Research Advisory Board to

  • Set priorities for collaborative research initiatives,
  • Identify collaborative research participants,
  • Review existing research programs for effectiveness,
  • Identify promising new areas for research collaboration,
  • Recommend changes to existing research and education programs and reviews progress.


The Board is composed of a chief research officers from each regular or affiliate member of GPN as well as the EPSCoR project director from each EPSCoR state with a GPN member.


The GPN Director for Research will keep the GPN Research Advisory Board updated on matters pertaining to research endeavors (see Mission/Goals and Responsibilities, above) and seek input from them via email.  Phone meetings will be held on an as needed basis.

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