Call to Participate in Data Mobility Exhibition

September 12, 2019
Greetings Current and Prior Campus Cyberinfrastructure (CC*) Awardees & R&E Community Members;
Data mobility is a critical component of the process of science.  Being able to predictably and efficiently move scientific data between experimental source, processing facilities, long-term storage, and collaborators is a common use case that transcends the boundaries of research disciplines.  
Current and previous CC* awardees, along with the greater R&E community, are encouraged to participate in an exciting and beneficial data mobility exhibition that will be conducted community wide, and highlighted at the 2019 and 2020 CC and CICI PI Meetings.  Using reference data sets, and existing or planned campus CI components, participants will download, measure, and potentially improve their scientific data movement capabilities.  
Steps to participate:
1) Create a brief (1-2 page) description of the network and data architecture for your campus environment using this template:
An example can be found here:
2) Prepare an environment to transfer reference data sets.  This should be done by utilizing a “local” data transfer machine, and the Globus Connect software.  It is recommended to use a machine that is already functioning for scientific use vs. a purpose built resource (e.g. let this be as close to production as you can).  Help can be requested at 
3) Download the reference data sets and record the results.  Information on this is available here:
4) Share the description, and your results on a standardized spreadsheet:
With the organizers via this form:
5) For those that want to accelerate their results, 1:1 assistance, via the Engagement and Performance Operations Center (EPOC), is available: 
This event begins “now”, and will extend for a full year, through the CC* 2020 PI meeting.  Participation is open to all – no requirement to be involved with CC* or CICI, in fact we would encourage sharing of this with other interested parties that may not see the initial message.  The purpose of this activity is to characterize the performance expectations for data movement at the researcher level, and improve these as needed across the R&E community.  Its a big task, and there may be challenges, but this community can and will meet them.  
More information on this event can be found here:
A webinar was held Friday August 30th @ 2pm ET to discuss the motivations and structure of this event further, it is available for viewing on YouTube
We encourage all interested parties to consider this event, questions or comments can be sent to or discussion can continue on the CI Engineering mailing list: