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    I2 Above the Net Services
    Last Changed by Greg Monaco, Oct 05, 2011 10:04

    The Q & A were very interesting...


    Jerry Gorchow, speaker, I believe...


    • Coordinate existing I2 services with new services
    • Use external vendors
    • Be responsive to member demands
    • InCommon is an important piece of this
    • Reduced admin process for negotiating prices, contract terms, procurement

    This will probably create a lot of buzz in the business world.

    Open Discussion...

    Q:  Box agreement.  Pricing?

    A:  Tiered based on size of institution.  6 tiers.  Tier 1 = 10K accounts, 100T of storage, $27K/Year.  (I think that this is the smallest amount).

    Q:  Will we be able to execute a CAA to be HIPPA compliant?

    A:  They do not have a BAA(?) so this will have to come later.  We will have agreements to assure HIPAA compliance.  

    Q:  What about CMS?

    A:  Box is more about file share than storage.  A 10T dataset from CMS would not be appropriate on Box.  The two services are very complimentary (storage and cloud computing) and will work from design of project to collecting data to writing publications.

    Q:  Well, that raises a follow-up question, how will these be integrated?

    A:  We would like to brand this as Internet2 and make it possible for current and other vendors to come in behind those services.  The key is that we are evolving and others need to become engaged.  We need use cases to assist in designing these services.

    Q:  At Cornell we've been an early adopter of the Box initiative and what we've learned is how rapidly this is being deployed and it represents real progress.  These are solutions, now.  It allows me to spend less time on this sort of thing and more time on the things that are unique and critical for our campus.

    A:  Thanks for that.

    Q:  As a RON I'd like to know how we can help and participate.

    A:  It makes sense to have some services at a national level and others at the regional level.  We haven't teased that apart, yet.

    Q:  Community cloud--will you have per hour pricing.

    A:  We need for this to be competitively priced so I think you'll find that.  We need use cases for that.  

    Q:  Suppose we have a service that we think would be useful to the community?

    A:  Email Jerry.  We would like to have a fully worked out process for submitting and vetting new ideas that are scalable and broadly interesting.  We'll get there!  We want to be open to experimentation.

    Q:  When will all the pricing and information be available?

    A:  Go to the I2 Net+ page.  That is being updated as we go along.  You will be able to brand the Box service so that it does not appear that you are promoting Box.

    Posted at Oct 04, 2011 by Greg Monaco 0 Comments
    First Plenary Session on Community and Future Visions
    Last Changed by Greg Monaco, Oct 05, 2011 10:06

    Web Site


    • Greetings
    • Host:  MCNC
    • New Developments with Internet2

    Dave Lambert, CEO of Internet2

    Thanks to program committee, sponsors, and welcome to new members.

    Joe Feddoso, MCNC

    MCNC has changed:  Instead of being the exclusive R&E network for higher ed, MCNC is becoming the network of a broader scope of organizations.  The percent of traffic over the past five years has gone from being predominantly from one or two institutions to many more.

    Think about collaboration across the network, collaboration to build the network and collaboration enabled by the network.

    IDEA Awards Recognizing Exemplary Applications that Use Advanced Networking

    Tom Knab stepped up to present the four IDEA awards.  


    • Innovation
    • Magnitude of + Impact
    • Breadth of Impact
    • Technical Merit


    A collaborative Network Fault Diagnosis System by Kyung-Hwa Kim, Ph.D. student at Columbia University.


    Monitoring and Visualization of Energy Consumed by Networks by Baris Aksanli, Ph.D. student at University of California at San Diego.


    A Telematic Opera by Scott Deal at Indiana University-Purdue University and Mathtew Burner, University of Virginia.


    On-Demand Secure Circuits & Advance Reservation System developed by a team at ESnet with partners at I2 and DANTE.

    Internet2 Strategic Focus Area Update

    Services Above the Network

    Presented by Jerry Grochow and Shelton Waggener.

    Previous developments in this area

    • Internet2 Commons
    • Middleware
    • InCommon
    • Cloud Services Platform
    Storage Services

    Collaboration has lead us to a partnership with It's a service where we will ultimately have
    full ability to use campus authentication to access this service.  We heard from the COO of who showed a video on how box works.

    This will allow campuses to subscribe to the box service at an incredible savings and it will be opened to the community in 2012 to members of both I2 and InCommon.

    Private Community Cloud Computing Services

    This will be tested with Indiana, Penn State, Notre Dame and other universities with both research and administrative computing functions.

    Meg Whitman, President & CEO of HP, did a live feed from California to kick off this effort between HP, SHI, and Internet2.

    We heard from others, as well.

    Research Collaboration

    Presented by Steve Wolfe: New members of the staff include Wendy Huntoon as Chief Architect, Scott Brim and Jason Zurakawski.

    Vision is for I2 to be considered a vital part of their research project. Want other networks to be considered an important partner.

    Strategy is to create an environment of collaboration; make I2 more user friendly; convene, confer, consult and participate as part of the research community; offer visible, proactive, comprehensive researcher support from proposal to publication; translate participation into new see ices that can be incubated, tested and deployed; (one other bullet point that was skipped).

    There is a strategy for chief technology office at Internet2 to provide researcher support. There will also be a rotator program where someone from a campus, RON or agency can work for Internet2 for a period of time and then return to his original location.

    Network Update

    ESnet is reaching it's 25th anniversary.  There was a $62M ARRA award to ESnet.

    A 100g footprint will be built out in 2012.

    Robb Vietzke:  First 100G transcontinental network (went live ahead of schedule?)  There will be a joint Internet2/ESnet 100G transcontintental network.

    Deeper collaboration with GENI is planned.


    Q:  What about security for the net+ services?

    A:  I2 has a team that is knowledgeable about security.  The providers also spoke to the security of their systems.

    Q:  The overlap between the community cloud and the private cloud that many of us are engaged in may require some education, for example, what is the benefit of this rather than what a researcher may already be using?

    A:  We found that there's a language issue about what is a cloud and how do we use it.    The broader community may be looking to the education community to set standards in some ways.

    Q:  From the perspective of CTO, what is your posture towards scholarship?

    A:  It's critical that as we move this forward, it's a scholarship platform, not just a research platform.

    Posted at Oct 04, 2011 by Greg Monaco 0 Comments
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